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Gov. Pat Quinn Proposed Illinois Medicaid Cuts to Cost Illinois Economy $3.2 Billion, Report Says

April 26, 2012

(Springfield, IL) – Two health-care advocacy groups are predicting thousands of job losses and billions of dollars in economic damage to Illinois, if Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to conjure $2.7 billion in savings from the Medicaid program is implemented.

Quinn’s plan would jeopardize 25,615 jobs and cost the state’s economy $3.2 billion, according to a report released Wednesday by the Illinois Hospital Association, which lobbies for Illinois hospitals, and the Campaign for Better Health Care, an organization that advocates for health-care access

“Drastic Medicaid cuts hurt everyone, not just the Medicaid patients. Hospitals will be forced to reduce jobs. Local businesses will be impacted,” Illinois Hospital Association President Maryjane Wurth said.

“And hospitals will be forced to cut or eliminate medical services that everyone uses — there is not a separate set of staff, equipment and facilities just for Medicaid patients.”

Quinn’s proposal reduces the amount Medicaid providers get paid by $675 million, accounting for 25 percent of the $2.7 billion in savings.

Nearly every dollar of the $6.6 billion the state spends on Medicaid goes to providers. Cutting provider reimbursement’s by $675 million translates into an across the board rate reduction of 7 percent to 9 percent for providers, according to Quinn spokeswoman Brie Callahan.

Callahan said that in the end it wouldn’t be a blanket rate cut. Some providers would see rates reduced by more than 9 percent, while others might avoid a rate cut all together.

“That still is something that’s being worked out,” Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson said. “These are tough choices, but the reality is that (the) entire Medicaid system will collapse, which would be far worse, if we do nothing.”

Anderson pointed out that Quinn’s plan actually doesn’t seek $2.7 billion in cuts to the Medicaid program. Instead, it calls for:

  • Cutting $2 billion in services and what Medicaid providers are paid,
  • Raising the state’s cigarette tax by a dollar, from 98 cents to $1.98.

The tax hike is expected to yield $337.5 million, plus a federal match of $337.5 million for that tax increase, all of which would cover the rising cost of Medicaid, according to Quinn’s office.



Lawmakers Adjourn for Summer, Fail to Agree on Extra $400 Million for Illinois Human Services

June 1, 2011

Child Care Association of Illinois President Margaret Berglind

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois General Assembly concluded its spring session and adjourned for the summer late last night, but the Illinois House refused to concur with the additional spending recommendations for next year’s Illinois budget made over the weekend by the Illinois Senate.

“Those budget add-ons would have meant more than $400 million in additional appropriations for Human Services agencies,” said Child Care Association of Illinois President Margaret Berglind.

Instead, the House appointed a Conference Committee to work on the bill, but the Senate, however, declined to do so before adjourning.

During concluding remarks, Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) noted that the Senate could be called back into session before the regular veto session in October.

“The House version of the budget is now the final appropriated budget,” said Berglind.

The total budget of $33.2 billion that the legislature sent to Governor Pat Quinn is about $2 billion less that the Governor’s proposed budget. Although total spending is a bit higher than last year’s levels in most areas, the cost of the state pension payments will be covered within this budget and not funded separately as in some previous years.


Quinn Witholds Judgment on Illinois Budget Approved by Lawmakers which Spends $2 Billion than Governor’s Plan

June 1, 2011

(Springfield, IL) — June 1, 2011. The new Illinois budget may spend less than Gov. Pat Quinn’s original proposal, but it is higher than this past year’s budget and was balanced by delaying the payment of billions of dollars in unpaid bills until this current fiscal year.

“The governor has been clear … that while we put our fiscal house in order, we must continue to protect core priorities,” said Kelly Kraft, Quinn’s budget spokeswoman.

Quinn is “reviewing” the budget’s impact on Illinois human services and schools statewide, Kraft said, which were among those items lawmakers trimmed to reduce spending from Quinn’s $36 billion to $33.2 billion.

House Democratic budget architect Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley, said the new spending priorities include Illinois’ $4 billion pension payment.

The budget “for the first time doesn’t hide the true costs of state government by taking the pensions off budget,” said Mautino. “We’re making all of our pension payments, which for the past three years we’ve had to borrow” to fund.


Illinois Senate Sends Gov. Pat Quinn Austere House Budget; Approves Extra $464 Million Supplemental

May 31, 2011

Child Care Association of Illinois President Margaret Berglind

(Springfield, IL) – May 31, 2011. Yesterday, the Illinois Senate passed the Illinois House version of the Illinois budget for next year that will soon go to Governor Pat Quinn’s desk.

“The House version contained significant budget cuts because it relied on a revenue projection about $2 billion less than the Governor Quinn’s proposed budget,” said Child Care Association of Illinois President Margaret Berglind.

The Senate also approved an additional bill that adds $464 million in appropriations to that budget.

That additional spending would restore $7.9 million to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, $13.2 million to Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, $109 million to the Illinois Department of Human Services and $216 million to the Illinois State Board of Education.

“The House must concur with the Senate’s proposed budget add-ons,” said Berglind. “We do not know as of this morning what the sentiment of the House will be as it reviews this additional spending proposal.”

If the House does not concur with that additional spending, then the House version of the budget stands as the final appropriated FY ’12 budget from the General Assembly, Berglind noted.

The legislature is scheduled to adjourn by midnight, tonight, May 31.

Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Approve Gov. Pat Quinn’s Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Budget

May 2, 2011

(Springfield, IL) — May 2, 2011. Illinois’ top child welfare advocate group has called on the state legislature to back Governor Pat Quinn‘s proposed $1.2 billion Illinois Department of Children Family Services fiscal year 2012 budget.

“The Illinois child welfare system has gone from the worst in the nation to a national model because of reforms demanded by eight different court consent decrees and legislated by the Illinois General Assembly,” said Marge Berglind, President of the Child Care Association of Illinois.

“Courts ordered reforms 10-years ago and lawmakers delivered,” said Berglind. “Now legislators have to protect their investment and approve the governor’s requested budget.”

Quinn’s proposal cuts 2.87% or $24.9 million in General Revenue Funds from the agency’s fiscal year 2011 level.

Lawmakers are back in Springfield this week to address budget issues.

Illinois Human Services Faces $900 Million Less than Proposed by Gov. Pat Quinn under Illinois House Budget Plan

April 4, 2011

(Springfield, IL) — As the Illinois House of Representatives and Gov. Pat Quinn duke it out in the state budget ring, the House is about $3 billion lighter compared to the governor’s spending fund.

From the House’s $33.2 billion fiscal year 2012 budget plan, lawmakers set aside $23.8 billion to fund state agencies and services.

Quinn has a $26.9 billion spending fund for state agencies and services. The governor said the state should not forget about the “fundamental things in life (such as) public safety, health care and education.” He has strongly criticized the House’s projected “radical severe” cuts in education funding.

House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago this week outlined the House budget proposal’s spending — for instance $12 billion for human services and $8.9 billion for education. The Quinn administration, meanwhile, would hand out $12.9 billion to human services and $9.5 billion to education.


Advocates Seek Illinois Child Welfare Vision from Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Bill Brady

October 5, 2010

(Chicago, IL) — October 5, 2010. As part of its Illinois 2010 voter education project, the Child Care Association of Illinois today issued letters to both Governor Pat Quinn and State Senator Bill to request their vision for Illinois’ child welfare system and to register the importance of the 18,718 abused and neglected children under the protection of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DFCS).

Here is the letter sent to Governor Quinn and Senator Brady:

Dear Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Bill Brady:

As the potential “father” to 18,718 children who are wards of the State of Illinois, you will be responsible for their care and safety as Governor of Illinois.

Due to comprehensive reform, a public-private partnership—led primarily by a private sector child welfare workforce—rescued the Illinois child welfare system from national disgrace in 1995 and catapulted it to national leadership by 2010.

In 1995, there were 53,000 Illinois abused and neglected children who had overwhelmed the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Today, there are 18,718 children in the state’s care, of whom, 87% are receiving care from the private sector. The reforms that began in 1995 continue through today. However, a child welfare system as large and as dynamic as ours can never rest on its laurels.

Neither can a Governor.

Gubernatorial leadership is essential to mobilize the resources of critical public and private stakeholders to ensure that the safety of Illinois children continues to be a priority. A Governor can communicate a vision of shared responsibility for child safety and that begins with DCFS but, ultimately, engages the private sector that provides the bulk of the care.

As we intend to continue educating Illinois voters and our 25,000-strong private, statewide workforce on key child welfare public policy issues, we want to include your vision of the Illinois child welfare system and your role as the potential “father “to 18,718 wards of the state.

Help us in our education campaign of voters. We ask that you answer the four following questions, which would help to give shape to your vision of the child welfare system in Illinois:

1.     What policies would your Administration implement to prevent child maltreatment and strengthen vulnerable families?

2.     What policies would your Administration implement to ensure permanency for all children?

3.     What policies would your Administration implement to support and protect the economic viability of the private sector child welfare workforce that provides 87% of care?

4.     What policies would your Administration implement to maintain accountability for improving child outcomes?

The Illinois Governor makes critical decisions that have both short and long term consequences for the children in his care. That process requires that a governor have a vision. We would like to share your vision with the voters of Illinois. If you could return this questionnaire by October 15, 2010, we would appreciate it.

If you have any questions, please call me directly at: 312-819-1950.


Margaret Berglind

Margaret Berglind, President & CEO

Child Care Association of Illinois

As soon as we receive responses from each campaign, we will the information, here, at the Child Care Association IL News Weblog,