Child Care Association of Illinois Commends Arthur Bishop for Accepting Governor Pat Quinn’s Appointment as Illinois Juvenile Justice Director

Marge Berglind, President, Child Care Association of Illinois

(Chicago, IL) – July 26, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn’s appointment of Arthur Bishop as acting director of the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, who currently serves as deputy director of field operations for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, today drew the support of the state’s leading child welfare advocacy organization.

“We commend Arthur Bishop for his willingness to assume the leadership of the Juvenile Justice Department during its time of transition,” said Child Care Association of Illinois President Marge Berglind. “We look to working him to ensure that the merger his new agency and DCFS unfolds smoothly.”

Berglind’s remarks were echoed by Quinn.

“Arthur Bishop has the experience, knowledge and integrity to deliver the treatment and services our youth need,” said Quinn. “This merger will ensure that at-risk youth have access to the services and support they need to become positive, productive members of society and move DJJ to a child welfare-based system.”

Bishop’s appointment comes days after the resignation of Juvenile Justice Director Kurt Friedenauer, which is effective July 31.

“I thank Director Friedenauer for his years of thoughtful and dedicated service to the state of Illinois during these challenging times,” said Quinn.

Bishop started as a caseworker at DCFS in 1995, later becoming a field service administrator and the department’s assistant chief of staff before being named deputy director. As deputy director of DCFS field operations, Bishop supervises more than 500 employees and is responsible for more than 5,000 children and youth in state care.

“I am honored that Governor Quinn has asked me to serve and am eager to begin the work of creating better, safer futures for youth, families and communities,” said Bishop.

Since the merger was announced, inter-agency work-groups have been designated to study the benefits and impact of the merger.

The Child Care Association is participating in those work-groups, according to Berglind.

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