Madigan, Cross, and Other House Lawmakers Pushed to Increase Illinois Income Tax

(Springfield, IL) – The Child Care Association of Illinois today called on the Illinois House to approve an income tax increase.

“The Child Care Association of Illinois recognizes that the state of Illinois is in financial crisis, but lawmakers must not reduce or eliminate vital human services,” said Marge Berglind, President of the Child Care Association of Illinois. “For some elected officials this will be a difficult vote, but we urge lawmakers to vote for an income tax increase.”

Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago)

Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago)

“If the House fails to approve an income tax increase, lawmakers must then vote for Governor Pat Quinn’s doomsday budget as a budget balancing alternative–and accept their complete abdication of responsibility,” said Berglind.

The Doomsday Budget contains cuts, reductions and eliminations across all human services.

If the income tax vote that is expected on Wednesday falls short, the House will probably vote on this doomsday budget on Thursday.

“It would be a budgetary bloodbath,” said Berglind.

At DCFS, if Quinn’s average 37% cut is applied across the board, its budget would end up at about $850 million—almost $500 million less than currently budgeted. Abused and neglected child caseloads for workers collide with court consent decrees, according to Berglind.

On the DHS side, Community Health and Prevention Division would decrease from $237 million to $149 million—a loss of $88 million. Some of the budget lines are so small they could not absorb a 37% reduction and still be viable.

“Many youth services would not survive,” said Berglind. “They would just be eliminated.”

The Chairs of the House and Senate Human Services Appropriations committee—State Representative Sara Feigenholtz and State Senator Donne Trotter—need to communicate to House Speaker Michael Madigan, House Minority Leader Tom Cross, Senate President John Cullerton, and Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno that a state income tax increase must be approved.

The members of Senate Appropriations Committee—Jeff Schoenberg, Jacqueline Collins, William Delgado, Mattie Hunter, Mike Jacobs, Emil Jones, Matt Murphy, Pam Althoff, Tim Bivins, Chris Lauzen and Dave Syverson as well as the House members Harry Osterman, Rosemary Mulligan, Patricia Bellock, Beth Coulson, Keith Farnham, Jehan Gordon, Deborah Graham, Elizabeth Hernandez, Eddie Jackson, David Leitch, Deborah Mell, Kathy Ryg, Angelo Saviano, Tim Schmitz, Darlene Senger, Ron Stephens, Mark Walker, and Eddie Washington—need to deliver the same message to legislative leaders.

Voters will be watching.

The legislature is scheduled to adjourn on May 31.

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